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Tips for better accuracy per restoration type


Temperature Check if the temperature of the sticker thermometer is higher than 18 degrees
Check if the temperature sensor indicates it's higher than 18 degrees
Build plate status  Check if there's previous printout 
Check if build plate is firmly locked
Vat Check if there's subjected resin to be printed 
Check if there's enough quantity of resin to print 
Mix up for 10 secs with spatula before daily the first print
Resin mixing guide

Bottle: 5 mins / Pouch: 1 min

 1. If there's ditched die.

Ditched die

1. Place the model horizontally to touch the bottom
2. Add support on ditched die manually (fig.)


ditched die-Tip

1. When you add supports on die, add on the very bottom and on the cuff area (left fig.)
2. When you design model, if possible, make the surroundings of ditched die be off the bottom.
If that area is not off, you might need to grind them off to have the ditched die be fitted to.(right fig.)


2. Hollow model.

Hollow model1

1. Place the model horizontally to touch the bottom (fig.)


When you design model, if possible, make a hole on the side of the model to make sure that the resin does not get caught inside during printing (fig.)
*Cupping explosion phenomenon: If you do not have a resin outlet when you print a model with a hollow, the model may pop out.

Hollow model-Tip



2. In the case of the maxilla, if the palatal touches the build plate, then place and print as above. Otherwise, add support on the bottom after horizontal placement (fig.)

3. Solid model.

 Solid model Fig1.

1. Place the model horizontally to touch the bottom (fig.)

 ※ TIP

Solid model-Tip

When you import model to print, make sure the bottom of model is well-attached on the build plate.
If it's off, rotate the model to attach, and perform slice inspection to make sure it prints from the very bottom (fig.)

Solid model YesSolid model No

Post curing guide : Push the button 3 times / for the 20 minutes.

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