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RAYDENT Studio (Jul 19, 2019)

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New features

- RAYDENT Designer v2.0 has been released.

Enabled automatic AI driven single crown design function.

Enabled to import die and model file separately.

Enabled to export manufacturing file for milling.

Added design parameter for RAYDENT C&B.


RAYDENT Studio (May 10, 2019)

New features

- Added feature to orient the direction of the print so that the selected surface faces down.

- Enabled to print *.es file that saved in R2GATE.


RAYDENT Studio (Feb 20, 2019)

New features

- Added the function to warm up the printer when the printer is powered on.

A user is able to cancel the tasks in the Studio Print List.


RAYDENT Studio (Jan 18, 2019)

New features

- FLEX VAT has been applied. It allows for shorter print time with improved quality of print.

It is required to use a dedicated resin for the FLEX VAT. Please contact your representative for details.



- Thickness level has been subdivided to adjust from -2 to 2 by 0.5.

- Fonts has been changed to improve readability.


Bug fixes

-Fixed a problem where print begins with some missing slices that are not completely transferred due to network error.


RAYDENT Studio (Oct 26, 2018)

New features

- Reduce the number of supports on RAYDENT C/B W-A2, RAYDENT SG W, RAYDENT DM W when using Auto-generate than previous.

- Improved support-generating time on RAYDENT C/B W-A2, RAYDENT SG W, RAYDENT DM W than previous.

- Added Slope multiplier under Support menu. A user is able to control the number of supports on sloped surface.

- Cool time option before UV on and after UV off while printing under "Printing" menu.



- Support setting parameters are separately saved and loaded on each resin type.



RAYDENT Studio (Aug 20, 2018)


New features

- RAYDENT Designer, crown and bridge design software, is provided as a bundle with the printer.

Please contact your representative for details of license and usage.

- Added the function to generate a base plate along the outline of a model to improve print stability when printing a full model.



- The default of DM W resin printing time has been changed.

Initialize the resin setting under Setup page of Print Option for each printer or respectively reset on 100㎛ and 50㎛ of RAYDENT DM W resin under Resin page.

Bug fixes

-Fixed bug where unabled to pause again after pausing and resuming a print job.



RAYDENT Studio (Jun 18, 2018)


New features

- Enabled to adjust the magnification ration on each printer.



- Anti-aliasing is dafault and the object thickness is now adjustable.

- The default of post-curing for RAYDENT C/B W-A2 has been changed to 5 minutes.

Only RAYDENT C/B W-A2 resin users are required to proceed the factory reset before usage.

RAYDENT C/B resin users are should use without change.


Bug fixes

-Fixed bug when the printer stopped intermittently when the network of computer that installed the RAYDENT Studio is not stable.

-Fixed bug where the prining time of the printer that created the project file is applied not proceeded.



RAYDENT Studio (May 25, 2018)


Bug fixes

-Fixed a problem where a project file generated with Branch-type supports was not loaded.



RAYDENT Studio (May 11, 2018)


New features

- Added mask map creation function for each printer.

The printing time is automatically determined by the amount of UV light measured for each mask range.

Please contact your representative for more information about the mask map tool.

- Added three new resins in the list.


Please contact your representative to purchase the new resins.

- Pause and resume function has been added.

Printing will be paused after finish the layer in progress.

Automatically restarts after 30 seconds after pause.

A user can restart immediately within 30 seconds.

Pause and resume function may increase failure of printing result.

- Object dulication function has been added.

- Printing time factor option has been added under "Printing" option page.

A user is abled to print over or less cure than the setup with "Print Time Factor" button.

- Korean and Chinese (Traditional) language have been added.



- The printing can be canceled only on the PC that starts the job.

- The default of Support tip size is changed to 0.9mm.

RAYDENT C/B W-A2, RAYDENT SG W, RAYDENT DM W resins are required support tip size 0.9mm.

- "Slice" option page has been integrated into the "Printing" option page.

- The default of Anti-aliasing option is changed to disabled under "Printing" option page.

To disable the RAYDENT Studio after updating, please change under "Printing" option page.


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